DVD: Superman Doomsday Arrives 9/18

If you were one of the the millions of comic book readers caught up in the Death of Superman in the 90's, you'll want to be the first to order your copy of the animated DVD of this historic storyline...
The world collectively mourns their fallen hero; humanity realizes it will never feel truly safe again. Superman's enemies rejoice all but Lex Luthor, who grieves the loss in his own demented manner, setting off a chilling chain of events that even he couldn't have foreseen. Inspired by the bestselling graphic novel of all time, DC Comics' The Death of Superman, this feature-length animated adventure boasts exciting action sequences that rivals anything you've ever seen starring the Man of Steel!"

DVD Available on 9/18

Special Features:

Audio Commentary - Audio Commentary (featuring the commentary of Bruce Timm (producer), Duane Capizzi (writer), Andrea Romano, and Gregory Noveck) {TRT duration of feature film}
Challenges - Supermans Last Stand (menu challenge)
Featurette - Requiem and Rebirth: Superman Lives! - (a re-dramatized telling of the DC Comics decision to kill Superman. Filled with interviews, news stories and behind the scenes footage of the board room meetings where the fate of Kal-El was decided. The story permeates with the frenzied pace and key moments which culminated in Issue #75 The Death of Superman.) {TRT 60 minutes}
Interviews - Behind the Voice (Featuring the voice talent of the feature film going through the motions and inspiration which helped bring Superman Doomsday to the screen) {TRT 5 minutes}
Other - Justice League: New Frontier Teaser Reel (With the interviews of the filmmakers, voice talent, and DC Comics executives, the world is introduced to the next chapter of the DC Universe: The New Frontier) {TRT 10 minutes}

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