Kurt Sutter on Punisher 2 and Why Tom Jane Left

Collider.com has up an interview with new Punisher 2 scriptwriter Kurt Sutter where he gives his views on the film and why Tom Jane left the project. Good stuff...
What can you tell me about The Punisher? Is a straight continuation or is it a reboot like the new Hulk film?

Again, a little of both. It’s a reboot without discounting the events of the first Punisher. There are a lot of great blog sites that do a much better job at describing the story.

What is the biggest difference between this film and the last one? Except of course that there is a new leading man.

I’ll take this opportunity to say that I felt like Nick Santora and myself, who’s names were on the second big draft, got caught in the crossfire when Tom Jane was growing dissatisfied with the turn Punisher was taking. Tom lashed out at the script using it as his scapegoat for exiting the project. I’m not privy to the details, but I’d bet it had more to do with money than words. I like Tom Jane, I’ve had lunch with him, think he’s a decent guy. But I always felt that if Marvel really wanted to re-invent the franchise, you’d have to re-invent the Punisher. It would be like hiring Eric Bana or Bill Bixby for the Hulk reboot. Ray Stevenson is a terrific choice as Frank Castle. He’ll bring a depth and irony to the role that has not yet been explored by any other actor. I also think Lexi Alexander will shoot the hell out of it. From what I’ve been told, much of my draft is still intact and Halloway and Marcum’s rewrite is great. They have become Marvel’s go-to guys.

What will the tone of the film be like?

Tone? Ummmm, dark and violent.

Stay tuned right here for more on Punisher 2 as it comes out.

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