New Picture of The Hulk Online!

Ain't-It-Cool-News has landed a new shot from The Hulk in which he looks rather... big! Hit the link to check it out and to learn more about the scene.

New shot from... THE HULK!
Hey folks, Harry here... Just got this picture from the upcoming HULK movie. Want some context for the photo? Well, David Banner has just released Hulk Dogs on Betty's trail. Bruce is told this, tries to get that bastard Glenn Talbot to help protect Betty, but of course, Talbot being the bastard he is, begins bitch slapping Brucey Wussy around, pissing the egghead something fierce. This is the scene in the trailers where you see a house at night sort of break apart. Heh. HULK, while being uncontrollable still has a "drive" he knows he must protect Betty, so he LEAPS off to where he knows Betty is. In the trailer, there's that shot where Hulk is hiding amongst some trees, and Betty looks up at him... This shot below is a continuation of that...
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