Roddenberry: Doing a Trek prequel is 'always tricky'

The Great Bird's son is "concerned" about Star Trek XI, but that wouldn't stop Jennifer Garner from climbing aboard.
"I am concerned about them doing a prequel because it's always tricky to do one," said Rod Roddenberry, son of late Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. "There were a lot of issues with [Star Trek: Enterprise] because it was going against established continuity. That's always tough."

Paramount, which bought the rights to Star Trek from Gene in the mid '80s, is under no obligation to show his son the Trek XI script, but Rod is "happy" that J.J. Abrams--whom he's met--is the creative force behind the movie.

"From what I hear when I talk to people, he's got the mind to write Star Trek. He knows Star Trek, he's a fan. I think he gets it."

Abrams may also "get" Jennifer Garner to go Trekking with him. But what would he have to do to recruit the superstar?


"Anything J.J. asked me to do ever, that's a clear 'Don't even worry, the answer's yes,'" she said. "I owe him."

After all, Abrams put Garner on the map when he tapped her to inhabit superspy Sydney Bristow for five years on Alias.

So, if the writer/director wants Garner to don prosthetic ears and mate cute with young Mister Spock (Heroes' Zachary Quinto), she's there.

Filming on Star Trek XI begins in November toward a Christmas '08 release.

(Original reporting by Wayne Hall and Alan Stanley Blair.)
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