Tomatoes for RE3?

Starting his Fall Movie Preview with a bang, Jeff Giles at Rotten Tomatoes gives his assessment of Resident Evil: Extinction.
Super-babe Alice (franchise star Milla Jovovich) goes head-to-head once more against the evil Umbrella Corporation and the walking dead created by UC's infamous T-virus.

This time, however, we move from "the dark and sinister setting of Raccoon City to the devastated daylight expanses of Las Vegas," with Highlander director Russell Mulcahy as our tour guide. Giles thinks that the new helmer and new landscape promise "a new and visually fresh look at our favorite genetically-mutated superheroine."

But is it all that fresh? For RE, perhaps. But the trailer images conjure memories of Mad Max.

But there is fresh blood, at least.

Returning players Jovovich, Mike Epps (wise-cracking L.J.) and Oded Fehr (dashing Carlos Oliveira) are joined by Heroes star Ali Larter (Claire Redfield) and singer Ashanti (Nurse Betty). At least the movie will look nice. Aside from the zombies, of course.

So, what was Giles' final call? Hop on over to Rotten Tomatoes and find out.

Resident Evil: Extinction blows into cinemas on 21 September.
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