Romero's Zombie Series Not So 'Dead'

Legendary horrormeister George A. Romero's fifth Dead film invades cinemas next year, and he's left the door open for Number 6.
Romero said that if Dead 5 is a hit in wide release, the Weinsteins will want him to write another one, which would begin directly after the cliffhanger ending of Diary.

"What makes the fifth installment particularly special is that the legendary filmmaker has returned to the low-budget, indie roots of his earlier work," wrote Pereira in a gushing review. "The building of tension and the execution of scares [follow] the cinematic techniques like an old pro."

Mixing elements of The Blair Witch Project into Romero's Dead series, the film follows a group of college students who are shooting a horror movie in the woods when they stumble upon real zombies. The kids seize the opportunity to add some "cinema verite" to their production.

"The one constant strength in Romero’s work is his social commentary," Pereira explained. "With Diary, Romero makes a potent comment on our society but never spoon-feeds a solution to the audience. At the very end, Romero’s message is appropriately ambiguous and frightening."

Pereira, an ardent fan of the Dead series, called Number 5 "equally funny, thrilling and genuinely moving"--a combination that could only be achieved by a veteran such as Romero. In the reviewers opinion, Diary Of The Dead is "the horror film to beat this year."

Diary Of The Dead is coming from Dimension Films in 2008.

(Thanks to Garth Franklin at Dark Horizons for the link.)
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