Stuff Gabs with the Girl of Steel

Able to leap a flock of salivating fanboys in a single bound--it’s the new Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort.
As a lead-up to that momentous occasion, Stuff Magazine's Savas Abadsidis has written up the results of his recent interview with Kara's TV avatar, Toronto-native Laura Vandervoort.

"When they told me I got the role, I went home, passed out for a bit," admitted Laura, "and headed out on a flight to Vancouver to start shooting."

A fan of Superman's movie and TV incarnations, genre-vet Vandervoort ('VanderV' to her friends) was not familiar with the four-color versions.

"I’ve been reading the Supergirl comic books. I didn’t know a lot about her background and history, so I’m excited to know that stuff now. I’m very new to it, but I love her."

Maybe part of the attraction is the stark contrast between the actor and the character. After all, sweet-natured Laura is very different from Kara, who is based on the revamped comic book version developed by former Smallville staff writer Jeph Loeb and artist Michael Turner. The difference in natures between the Kryptonian cousins causes them to butt heads.

"They see things very differently," Laura explained. "Kara is a strong-willed woman who is often more than Clark can handle."

It's even harder for the budding Superman to keep his kin in check when she can do some things he can't.

"Flying around is pretty awesome," said Laura.

But this ability also will keep Kara at a distance from the earthlings, which is not what she wants at all.

"Basically, she’s trying to fit in as a teenage girl on Earth," said Laura, "you know, what clothes to wear and all that kind of stuff. Right now she is wearing the short shorts, but I think she will slowly develop a style that makes more sense for Kansas."

But it's unlikely that all the adoring fans out there will mind her current taste in attire. And Vandervoort, whom Abadsidis calls "Canada’s new hottest export" is ready to meet them.

"I am excited," she gushed. "It’s kind of funny to have fans asking me questions when they know more about my character than I do."

Smallville's 7th season premieres Thursday, 27 September on the CW.

[Thanks to Steve Younis @ Supermanhomepage for the link.]
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