'INDY' info from S.S. himself

Director Steven Spielberg allowed a few juicy Crystal Skull tidbits to escape.
The IESB's ROBERT SANCHEZ attended a luncheon at the Amblin offices on the Universal Lot, where he got some details from Steven Spielberg about his latest directorial effort, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which finishes shooting this week.

Indy 4--which Spielberg burned to celluloid (and will edit the old-fashioned way), despite a digital campaign by Executive Producer George Lucas--will contain 70% practical effects and 30% special effects. The director WILL allow his Star Wars pal first cut of the only Indy flick for which Lucas did no second unit directing.

Spielberg did fess-up to one Lucas tradition on the picture: title misinformation. The filmmakers had known for over a year that they were making Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but they kept fans at bay with bogus titles.

Harrison Ford did "all" his own stunts once again, as did young co-star Shia Lebeouf. But when asked if Lebeouf would be carrying the torch as star of future Jones films, Spielberg would say only, "We will see."

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull whips into U.S. theaters 22 May '08.
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