'HITMAN': Who has final cut?

Sources tell TWITCHFILM that Fox has taken control of the video game movie away from director Xavier Gens.
Xavier Gens is no longer in command of Hitman, according to Twitchfilm. Despite the lack of official confirmation, TODD BROWN feels confident enough to report that Fox studios has taken the film away from its director and turned it over to a "bloodless" editor.

Allegedly, the studio was so displeased with Gens' hard R-rated cut of the movie adapted from the ultra-violent video game, they commissioned a new edit from Nicolas De Toth, who infamously assembled the PG-13 version of Live Free Or Die Hard, the fourth installment in the formerly R-rated series. Word has it De Toth's job on Hitman is similar.

Credited to writer Skip Woods (Swordfish), Hitman tells the story of a gun-for-hire known only as Agent 47 (Scream 2's Timothy Olyphant) who is ensnared in a political conspiracy and pursued by Interpol and the Russian military. Also starring Dougray Scott (M:I2), the film is scheduled for a November release.
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