Quinto Talks More Spock (and Sylar)

Zachary Quinto talked to TV Guide about Trek and Heroes.
Some would say Zachary Quinto is living a dream, playing the main villain on the hit series Heroes and preparing to succeed (and play alongside) Leonard Nimoy as Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek flick. But the 30-year-old actor is about to wake up in a big way.

"We're getting ready to shoot [Trek] in a month, and I just had my first fitting for my Vulcan ears," Quinto told TV Guide's MICHAEL LOGAN. "Suddenly it was real, and I was like, 'OK! Let's get this thing going!'"

Quinto made it clear that the casting as everyone's favorite Vulcan came as no surprise to him, because he wasn't just sitting around when it happened. "From the day I found out they were making the Star Trek movie, I said, 'I want to be Spock,' and I started talking about it to everybody. I put my intentions out there clearly and the universe responded."

The fans have responded, as well, and not all of it has been positive.

"The film is being made with the longtime fans in mind," Quinto said, trying to reassure Trekkers, as he's had to do a lot lately, "but it will also be of its own time and have a distinct voice and perspective. There's no better way to respect the Trek mythology than to try to bring it to a wider audience."

His character on Heroes, the mutant serial-killer Sylar, has his own fans. "There's a group that calls itself the Sarmy — or Sylar's Army — that's dedicated to the support of my character. Their slogan is 'Every villain needs a legion of evil supporters.' But what's funny is they do great charity work. It's never bad to have an army."

As Quinto prepares to take his leave-of-absence to shoot Trek, Sylar is without powers. But Quinto promises that the troubled young man will not be humanized by his situation. "If anything, he's the same guy but even more driven and obsessed and in a place of absolute hunger: 'I want my power back! No time to waste!'"

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