Wannabe: Milian is after Wonder Woman

Sultry singer Christina Milian wants the Justice League director to envision her as the Amazon princess.
As George Miller screentests young actors for the heroic roles in his Justice League of America flick, singer/actor Christina Milian hopes the Mad Max director will look past her ethnic background when casting the iconic Wonder Woman.

"That would be awesome," said the Pulse star. "I think confidence and strength lie in your mind, and I would love to exude that strength."

Milian, who must compete with Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Sky High) and Teresa Palmer (The Grudge 2), believes her history as a comics fan should give her the edge. "I wanted to be an illustrator. I wanted to write books, and mostly, I wanted to write Justice League."

Her super-fandom helped land her a guest-starring spot on October 25's Smallville, in which she plays an actress filming the comic-based Warrior Angel movie.

Milian hopes Smallville will put her on Miller's radar. But she's fairly circumspect about it.

"I'll do Catwoman any day."

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