Rumor Mill: Nick Cassavetes to Direct 'CAPTAIN AMERICA'

According to his mom, the director of The Notebook may heft Captain America's mighty shield.
CHUD's DEVIN FARACI reported Monday that, on a recent episode of the ITV (UK) show This Morning, veteran movie actor Gena Rowlands (Persepolis) mentioned that her son, actor-director Nick Cassavetes, who was attached to the Iron Man movie for a long time before Jon Favreau (Zathura) took over, now is thinking of doing Captain America.

Cassavetes and the Marvel folks got along pretty well, and whatever ended his involvement with Iron Man apparently didn't sour their relationship. So the idea of his involvement with Captain America isn't out of left field.

The son of Rowlands and the late, acclaimed actor-filmmaker John Cassavetes (Rosemary's Baby), Nick began as an actor (in such flicks as John Woo's Face/Off) before taking up directing with small films like the Sean Penn/John Travolta starrer She's So Lovely (based on a script penned by his father). From there, Nick moved up to more commercial features such as the Denzel Washington flick John Q, the cult favorite The Notebook, and the love-it-or-hate-it Alpha Dog.

"Would Cassavetes do the Cap justice?" asked SEAN at "And can this movie actually work without coming across as U.S. propaganda?"

Captain America will be a joint Marvel-Paramount Pictures venture.

Lest we forget, this would not be the first Captain America feature, just the first to visit movie houses. The 1990 disaster directed by Albert Pyun (Cyborg) and starring Matt "Son of J.D." Salinger (24) went straight to video, and Reb Brown (Cage II) starred in two TV movies back in the 70's.

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