Dean Cain enjoyed playing another 'CK' on 'SMALLVILLE'

The ex-Superman got his evil on battling TV's current Clark Kent and out-villaining a "clinically insane" Lex Luthor.
"I'm evil with a smile."

That's how actor Dean Cain described, to Zap2it's KATE O'HARE, the character he played on a recent episode of Smallville.

In "Cure," Cain is Dr. Curtis Knox, who has developed a treatment for "meteor freaks," those people affected by the Kryptonite shower that rocked the Kansas hometown of young Clark Kent (Tom Welling). But the "good" doctor has another, darker, agenda.

Cain is benefiting from Smallville's long-standing tradition of casting guest stars with existing ties to the Superman franchise. The Man of Steel on the '90s ABC series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman follows Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, and precedes former Supergirl
Helen Slater.

Having had such an intimate association with the character, Cain found dealing with a new Clark Kent "a little odd. There was the inevitable, 'OK, everybody freeze. We'll do some super-speeding...' I'm like, 'Wow, that's the first time the super speed is happening, and I'm not doing it.'"

But he had only nice things to say about his successor, calling Welling "cool, fun, a nice guy."

Cain also found his interaction with the young Lex Luthor to be a worthwhile experience.

"He's clinically insane," Cain said of actor Michael Rosenbaum. "The guy kills me. He's going to have an interesting career. He's a pretty dynamic fellow."
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