Katee Sackhoff: A bright spot in the disappointing 'BIONIC WOMAN'

Viewers of the new Bionic Woman are giving TV Guide their two-cents about Michelle Ryan and how she's killing the show.
When AMY wrote in to TV Guide's "Ask Matt" column regarding NBC's revamp of the classic genre series Bionic Woman, her main question was, "What could the producers and NBC have been thinking with that casting choice?"

She was referring to the "completely flat and robotic acting of lead Michelle Ryan," whose lack of charisma will, she's convinced, contribute to the failure of the show.

Columnist MATT ROUSH replied: "I hardly thought this was a big secret." In his opinion, Ryan and her "dour" central character are responsible for the bulk of the criticism aimed at Bionic Woman.

However, at least one poster has enjoyed the show--to his own surprise--and he credited another actor for that.

"A great deal of the success seems to stem from Katee Sackhoff's turn as Sarah Corvus," commented ROBERT. "The more Sarah Corvus, the better each episode of the series seems to be."

What's impressed Robert even more is the fact that Sackhoff is commanding Bionic Woman while also starring as Starbuck on the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica.

"Has any performer ever brought so much to two different shows at the same time?" Robert asked.

Roush answered, "I guess I'd agree that at the very least, Sackhoff deserves her own show. She's certainly stealing this one."
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