WARNING!!! X2 Spoilers!

An informer over at SHH spotted a new TV spot and his description does contain spoilers. Don't click if you like to be surprised in the theater.
"I'm a big fan of the site, you guys are awesome. I just thought I'd write in with a report that could be of some interest. I caught a new trailer for X-Men on Fox last night during the ten o'clock news. Some of the footage may or may not be considered spoiler material...even though ANY new footage is spoiler material for me these days."

(SPOILERS - highlight to read) One of the scenes showed Magneto in his cell holding metal spheres (ball bearrings maybe?), and then launching them through the walls of the plastic prison, which of course perforated the exterior. Could this be how he escapes?

The next scene that was of interest to me showed storm in the demolished Cerebro, the same that has been in many of the pictures in the SHH! Media section. As she is looking around a large section of the ceiling detaches and falls right at her. Luckily Nightcrawler is there to grab her and teleport them to safety. (END SPOILERS)
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