Secrets of 'FRIDAY THE 13TH' remake unveiled

SPOILER WARNING: We reveal plot points and the fates of characters in the latest update on the new Friday the 13th.
According to CHUD's RUSS FISCHER, the screenplay for the remake of Friday the 13th, written by Damian Shannon & Mark Swift (Freddy vs Jason), is complete, meaning director Marcus Nispel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) can get to work on the film, even during the WGA strike, in preparation for the start of principal photography in Austin, Texas, on February 11.

Debates have raged among slasher fans on the Web over how the production could be a remake of the first Friday and still feature the iconic Jason Voorhees as its antagonist, as reported, since his MOTHER was the killer in the original flick. In an attempt to resolve this, DEVIN FARACI questioned producers Andrew Form & Brad Fuller (The Hitcher), and ended up with more than he expected.

"As a die-hard fan of the series," Faraci wrote, "I have to say that I like what I am hearing."

The new Friday the 13th opens on five twenty-somethings, out in the woods, who stumble upon the deserted Camp Crystal Lake. Around the campfire that night, the "technologically inclined" (aka "dweeby") Wade regales "his crew" with the legend of Jason Voorhees, the Crystal Lake killer.

Following storytime, "Pretty and strong" Whitney, who "has the smarts and the will to survive in the most desperate of circumstances," wanders off with boyfriend and "really nice guy" Mike. They find an old cabin, the furnishings of which include a bed that's decorated with the carved name "Jason," and with the head of Jason's mom.

Enter the hockey-mask-wearing man himself--no sense waiting until Part 3 of the reboot before donning the famous headware. Before you can say "ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha," Mr. Voorhees has introduced the supporting players to his favorite cutting tools, grabbed "Survivor Girl" Whitney, and all before the opening titles.

The script, which shifts into a rehash of the first four chapters of the original series, takes pains (no pun intended) to stress that Jason is not supernatural, as presented in Jason Goes To Hell, but rather a human being who's built a series of hidden tunnels under the woods and camp, allowing the sneaky fellow to appear at odd times and surprise his new friends.

And those friends--with names like Clay, Trent, Jenna, Chelsea and Bree--are your typical assortment of horror movie stereotypes. According to the casting breakdown, they're all in their twenties (of course), and they're all caucasian...except for Lawrence, who is "black, and funny as hell," as the token African-American character must be. But Lawrence's sense of humor couldn't possibly hold a candle to that of Chumbler, who is "a little chubby" and has a "cool chin beard," because the production is asking that casting agents "please submit your funniest character actors."

The other characters are what they ALWAYS are in slasher pictures: "attractive," "great-looking," "voluptuous," and "hot as hell!" This calls for the perennial casting note "PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED."

"Booooo..." wrote SNUFFY on "I sense $h!tty characters with quick deaths ahead."

The majority of Snuffy's fellow posters called for the casting of Crystal Lowe (WRONG TURN 2) for the film, and the exclusion of stuntman Kane Hodder, who assayed the role of Jason in Parts 7 through 10 of the original saga.

Friday the 13th redux hacks its way into cinemas on Friday the 13th of February, 2009.
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