It's true: Christian Bale mulling over 'T4'

We've held off on this story until now, but a new report confirms that The Dark Knight's workaholic star Christian Bale is talking to Warner Bros about appearing in Terminator 4.
A variety of rumors have followed Ain't It Cool News's Thanksgiving weekend report connecting Christian Bale with the fourth film in the Terminator series. It now appears that MSN has confirmed with a close source that the actor is indeed in talks with Warner Bros to play John Connor in the sequel.

Many news services, including Earth's Mightiest, shrugged off the rumors as improbable fantasy. After all, Bale has worked non-stop since well before Batman Begins--his most recent work includes Werner Herzog's war drama Rescue Dawn, James Mangold's western 3:10 to Yuma, and Todd Haynes's Bob Dylan pseudo-biopic I'm Not There. Considering that Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight shoot took more than six months, why would Bale commit to the first of an expected second trilogy of Terminator flicks?

Some people, however, have embraced these developments.

"This is great news," said Cinema Blend's RAFE TELSCH. "If McG is truly going to direct the next movie, they need someone who can handle the acting on his own to take the mantle of John Conner. Bale is definitely that man."

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, scripted by T3's John Brancato & Michael Ferris, currently is in pre-production, under the Charlie's Angels director, toward a Summer '09 release.

The story finds John Connor (previously played by Edward Furlong in T2 and by Nick Stahl in T3, and currently by Thomas Dekker on Fox's "The Sarah Connor Chronicles") battling a world overrun by Skynet in the not-so-distant future.

No matter how the principal casting turns out, it is unlikely that the original Terminator, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be back.
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