X2 SPOILERS coming in fast!!!

Superhero Hype is keeping us up to date with the latest news and some fan spoilers that are coming in now. The actors are letting slip more info as they get on the talk show circuit. Some major bombs dropped in the UK.
X2 Movie News Roundup!!
Friday, April 25, 2003 6:44 CDT

News is just flying in the door by the minute now and expect more of these big roundups throughout the next week!

First up, Reuters news service talked more about the fact that X2 is making history by opening in 93 markets around the world on May 2. A 20th Century Fox spokeswoman said the studio hopes to place the film in as many as 3,700 theaters in the United States and up to 3,800 theaters in other countries. If X2 can get to 3,700 U.S. venues, it would become the widest domestic debut ever, surpassing last year's major hits, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and Spider-Man, which each debuted on over 3,600 screens.

'ToyBoy', 'blacklion' and 'Kate' all alerted us that the official website has been updated with a new entry added to Stryker's Mutant Database. Added is the file for Lady Deathstrike, which includes new multimedia worth checking out. There's also a brand new clip, called 'Special FX', which you can view here:


Empire Online talked to cast members and director Bryan Singer about an X-Men 3. Here's what Singer said...

"I imagine it will be a nightmare co-ordinating everyone's schedules. But I definitely don't think you need all the characters back to do a third movie. There are a few key characters, though, that I personally would want to have back and feel that it wouldn't be an X-Men film without. It'll just be a matter of how to figure all that out."

More of what the cast said is available at the link above.




Rebecca Romijn-Stamos shared some spoilers about Mystique with CBS News...

"She's much more sexual in this film," says Romijn-Stamos. "And she tries to use her ability to transform into others to take care of her sensual needs. At the same time, Mystique gets to display a little more humor - and some outrage," she adds. Romijn-Stamos noted, "When Mystique is asked why she chooses to keep her freakish look, when she could take the appearance of anyone she wants, she tellingly replies: 'Because I shouldn't have to.'"

Two of our viewers caught an interview with Famke Janssen, aka Jean Grey, just now on the Jonathan Ross Show in the UK. The interview contained spoilers and you'll have to highlight the text to find out. First up is 'Scooby'...

Hey there. Just watched Famke Janssen on the Jonathan Ross show here in the UK. The interview was good and they showed the clip of Jean making out with Wolverine before morphing into Storm, Rogue and then Mystique. But the only bit of news to report is that Ross (an avid comic book fan) referred to the "shocking ending" of X2 and asked Famke if she knew "what happens next to Jean Grey" and she said that she does know but the subject quickly changed. Could this mean that Phoenix will feature in X3? Time will tell! Keep up the good work guys!

And 'RO*11' shared a similar bit...

I just saw the jonathon ross show with famke jannsen as a guest over here in ireland, there was a cool clip of jean grey coming into wolverine's tent with a little smoochin going on. it ends up being mystique as he finds this out from feeling the scars he left her with last time around, she then morphs into storm, rogue, stryker & finally herself before being thrown out by wolverine. Famke also gave away HUGE news when she let it slip that she knows what happens to her character in the next film!!!!!

And 'Jon The Movie Man' caught the following bit off of the HBO special, again pretty much spoiler material (highlight to read)...

We all got to see the new footage that was shown in HBO's X2 Preview, but some people may not have caught this...There was a scene where Mystique was going through Striker's Files on his computer, she was scrolling through a list of names and among those names was "Remy LeBeau (Gambit), Jamie Madrox (The Multiple Man)." The full list of names is as follows: Kyle Gloney, Guthrie, Garrison Kane, Remy LeBeau, Artie Maddicks, Jamie Madrox, Xi' an Coy Mahn, Maximoff, Kevin McTaggart, Danielle Moonstar, Ororo Munroe
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