At last! Pete Ross returns to 'SMALLVILLE'!

Sam Jones III will reprise his role in Episode 13.
It had begun to appear that it never would happen. But's ERIC GOLDMAN has learned that former "Smallville" cast member Sam Jones III finally is revisiting his role as Clark Kent's old friend, Pete Ross, in the upcoming episode "Hero".

An important character in the first three seasons of "Smallville", as he was in the classic Smallville-based 'Superboy' comics, Pete became the first series regular with whom Clark shared his superpowered secret. Pete left to live with his mother in Wichita at the end of Season Three, necessitating the transfer of the confidante role to Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). Despite occasional rumors of a Jones guest spot, the official "Smallville" producers' explanation remained "scheduling conflicts." It appears, however, that all barriers have been removed.

The air date for "Hero", listed as the thirteenth episode of Season Seven, is still to be determined, but look for it in early '08. It should be noted that Executive Producers Al Gough & Miles Millar turned in Episode 15 before going on strike.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn a few spoilerish details about the plot, visit IGN.

The fresh new "Smallville" episode, "Gemini", airs Thursday, December 13th, on The CW.

[Thanks to Superman Homepage for the link and pics.]
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