New details about 'INDY 4'--plus the poster!

The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull teaser poster has gone public, and insiders are giving fans a few teasers, as well.
Now that artist Drew Struzan's teaser poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been unveiled, co-producer Frank Marshall has released to USA Today's ANTHONY BREZNICAN some details from the super-secret plot, about a quest for South American relics with supernatural powers.

The new movie, due this spring, is set at the height of the Cold War in 1957, making Indy nearly 20 years older than when we last saw him in 1989's Last Crusade.

"He's teaching and having kind of a quiet life," Marshall said. Once thrust back into action, Doctor Jones travels to New Mexico, Connecticut, Mexico City and the jungles of Peru.

Aided by his motorcycle-riding sidekick (Shia LaBeouf, Transformers), Indy races against Soviet Agent Spalko (Oscar winner Cate Blanchett) and an unethical rival archaeologist (Ray Winstone, Beowulf) for the Crystal Skull, which is inspired by real quartz sculptures of disputed origins that are carved in a way that defies the natural structure of the crystal.

"The theory is they are shaped by higher powers or alien powers or came from another world, or an ancient Mayan civilization had the powers," Marshall explained.

Because actor Harrison Ford is 65, Indy "has a few more aches and pains now," said Marshall, adding that its one of the reasons people like him. "He's a real character, not a character with superpowers."

"I’ve seen some footage and it’s really thrilling," Crystal Skull screenwriter David Koepp told MTV Movies Blog's SHAWN ADLER. "When you first see Harrison Ford back in Indy garb--it’s just really cool."

Despite the epic scale, Koepp himself had only one ambition: "Don’t screw up."

"I hope it’s along the lines of the first one," he said. "It’s certainly not as dark as the second one and it’s certainly not as humor driven as the third one. Hopefully it will have its own place [but] it’s closest to [Raiders of the Lost Ark]."

According to Slashfilm's PETER SCIRETTA, Struzan's poster is meant as consolation for the teaser trailer, which was promised by Exec Prod George Lucas for Thanksgiving, but which now will hit theaters in February attached to The Spiderwick Chronicles.

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