Laura Vandervoort promises that Kara will return to 'SMALLVILLE'

Actor Laura Vandervoort reveals that she'll be around for at least 14 episodes of Season Seven.
We last saw Clark Kent's cousin, Kara Zor-El, in the "Blue" episode of "Smallville". She'd mysteriously dropped into rainy Detroit, with no memory of anything, including herself.

Laura Vandervoort's fictional counterpart appears to be continuing the Canadian thespian's own real-life habits around the Vancouver sets of the show.

"I would get lost," admitted Vandervoort. "They'd see me and go, 'Laura, are you lost again?'"

But Laura always found her way, and Kara will, too. At the recent Wizard World Texas in Arlington, Vandervoort confirmed for The Comics Continuum that she's currently signed onto "Smallville" for 14 Season Seven episodes--Writers strike permitting. We may even see her in a new episode by February.

Wizard World was her first convention appearance since being introduced as a "Smallville" cast member. And fans wanting updates on the show would've been disappointed by the Toronto-born blonde, who's been out of touch with the show since that ominous scene in the rain.

"I've been working on my other show ["Instant Star"]," she said. "I don't know what's been going on [with "Smallville"], to tell you the truth. I haven't read the scripts. So I'll catch up when I get back."

So, she's locked into 14 episodes, which is more than the producers had originally promised. As for a possible Season Eight, Vandervoort is as in the dark as the rest of us.

"I know they have another season that they'd like to do," said Vandervoort. "It just depends on how this season goes in the ratings and things like that. But I'd love to do another season."

Judging by the lines to see her at Wizard World, there seems little doubt that Kara will fly again.
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