Teresa Palmer is tight-lipped about 'JLA'

Yes, she tested for George Miller's Justice League of America (or is it American Heroes?), but that's all you'll get out of Teresa Palmer...for now.
December Boys star Teresa Palmer remained cool as a cucumber when pressed by The Sunday Herald-Sun about the rumors she has a major role in Director George Miller's Justice League of America.

The Aussie ingenue returned to her homeland on 6 December, following an eight-month stay in Los Angeles where, she confirmed, she did in fact audition for JLA.

Despite early reports--supposedly originating from Palmer's friends--that she'd been offered the role of Wonder Woman, the most recent rumors suggest that Palmer has been cast as Talia Al Ghul in the film. However, the blonde starlet said that the primary candidates did not test for specific roles.

"There are three female roles, I believe, in that movie," Palmer said, "and all the girls tested for any one of those female roles."

She plans to spend Christmas in Adelaide with her family before moving to Sydney to start her next film.

In the meantime, CLINT MORRIS at Moviehole has received some follow-up information regarding the recent rumor of an alternative title for the movie.

A Fox Studios (Sydney) employee reported, in an e-mail, that "someone recently referred to [the film] as American Heroes too. I'm thinking though, it's the codename...for JLA."

A colleague of Morris's reported hearing something similar while on business at Fox Sydney on December 11.

Another e-mailer submitted some trivia that may explain such a title being bandied about:

"'American Heroes' was an anthological monthly here in Italy, from Play Press Publishing. It has printed in Italian lots of DC comics material like 'Justice League International', 'Doom Patrol', 'Animal Man' and lots of other stuff. So 'American Heroes' was not exactly referring to the Justice League, but to the whole of the DC Universe."

After admitting to some vague personal knowledge of the foreign market series, Morris stated that the rumored title "could be spot-on."

[Thanks to Hannibal Tabu - CBR for link to Moviehole article.]
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