Comic-Con to Suffer as result of Hollywood Strike?

The Golden Globes have fallen, the Oscar’s might be next but, who really cares about them when San Diego Comic-Con might take a similar hit?
Geek’s the internet over are beginning to fear the ramifications of the Writers Guild of America strike, even more than they were when Lost and Heroes had to cut their seasons short. The Golden Globes have, as mentioned, fallen to the pressure of the strikes, and with no end in sight, and the possibility of an escalation with the Directors and Actors guild’s contracts coming to a close in June, what does fate have in store for Comic-Con San Diego?

The name might suggest that people are only there for comics, but it isn’t the case. Over the past years it has grown in to a place where Hollywood brings their elite actors, directors to chat and previews upcoming TV shows and movies.

Devin Faraci over at speculated thus; "Sure, it's a comic book convention, but that joint isn't getting filled to maximum capacity because Rob Liefeld is doing sketches of you with huge tits and tiny feet - it's about the major presentations in Hall H, where the upcoming genre films show footage and parade their stars."

So, from where I sit, there are two problems;

1) If the strike is still going at the time of Comic-Con, will there be a picket line out the front, with ramifications for anyone who crosses the line and
2) If the strike has already been dealt with, the lack of produced media to be previewed will be minimal at best, non-existence being the more likely option.

See, the strikes have stripped 2008 of all but a few products. Movies will be able to deal with this a bit better, but both TV and movies are going to take a serious hit regardless of when the strike ends (if it does. I’m still betting on the Directors and Actors joining in and it lasting until at least September).

Thankfully, for me at least, Stargate Atlantis is primarily filmed and produced in Canada, and thus isn’t affected all that much by the strikes.
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