Hugh Jackman's Hulk Connection?

A SHH scooper sent in some interesting news
News from scooper "Colin" over at SHH...

"Hugh Jackman with his Thor-alike long locks has been doing the TV Chatshow rounds over here in the U.K., this time talking on This Morning on ITV, wich featured a recorded interview with presenter Claire Sweeney. I can't remember word for word and didn't record it so here goes. The two joked about the fact that they had both been in stage productions of Oklahoma! and sung a few verses of Oh What a Beautiful Morning together. Claire asked Hugh about his costume, was it uncomfortable etc. Hugh said that the Costume was only on for roughly 15% of filming, and the only uncomforatble thing was the heat under the lights in the studio and the limited amount of bathroom breaks while filming. Next THAT clip was shown were Wolfie kisses Jean who turns into Mystique into Storm into Rogue and then Stryker. Sweeney next asked about how he stays in shape, and he mentioned that he and his wife work out alot together, and Sweeney laughed blushingly.

Most interesting of all Sweeney mentioned that Hugh could be playing in a Superhero biopic next, to wich he responded, and not in the way you might think. I was expecting him to mention Truth, Justice and the American way, the George Reeves biopic. Not So. Hugh claims that he and Bryan Singer are considering doing a Bill Bixby movie next, saying "Bryan pointed me in the way of Bill Bixby's story and i just fell in love with it. It is one of the most moving stories i can imagine. This guy was loved in Hollywood, i mean he worked with Elvis for christ sakes and did lots of really good work but after The Hulk was type cast unfortunately, and then his son died in his Arms in a Hospital waiting room and his wife commited suicide not long after. And he suffered most dreadfully towards the end of his life. But in there is a tale of courage and strength of the human soul that is so remarkable. I dont think i'll do it straight away as i am filming Van Helsing and then doing Broadway, but it is a story i love, so i am ready when Bryan is".
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