SCI FI Channel Adds JERICHO to Their Line Up

The cable network SCI FI Channel will be airing the CBS show Jericho after acquiring the re-run rights.
CBS and SCI FI Channel have made a three year aggreement granting SCI FI the re-run rights to the series Jericho for seasons one and two.

Jericho will begin airing on February 11, a day before the season premiere on February 12 on CBS. After that the show will be airing on SCI FI in it's regular time slot of Monday nights at 10 p.m. starting February 18.

Thomas Vitale, senior vice president programming and original movies at Sci Fi, commented on adding Jericho to the line up:
"Thanks to the passion and persistence of its loyal viewers who saved this program from being canceled, new viewers can now experience this show for the first time on the Sci Fi Channel while CBS continues the story in its second-season run," he said.

Jericho follows the survivors of a nuclear attack in Kansas starring Skeet Ulrich. The show first premiered in 2006 with a strong debut but ratings fell and the show was cancelled. After the series finale fans rallied together with a campaign to save the show. They sent CBS bags and bags of nuts and the show was brought back for a second season. This past summer at comic con the Jericho Panel was filled with fans, many of whom participated in the grass roots nuts campaign.

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