Amanda Tapping to Leave STARGATE ATLANTIS

Yesterday I reported that Sanctuary had been picked up by the SciFi Channel. Now, as a result, Sanctuary’s lead Amanda Tapping will be departing from a full time role on Stargate Atlantis. On top of that, a casting announcement is coming this Monday!

"We love the Samantha Carter character and have always enjoyed writing for her," Joseph Mallozzi said. "She was a great addition to Atlantis's fourth season and, while she will be missed, it's not as if we're closing the door on her. Carter will remain a major player in the Stargate universe as well as a guest star on Atlantis's fifth season."

Mallozzi is the executive producer and show-runner (with Paul Mullie) for Atlantis's current season and upcoming fifth season, and has worked with Tapping for some time now. So it was only natural for him to tease upcoming reveals on his own blog. All will be revealed on Monday, when the Sci Fi Channel makes a press release, so we’ll have to wait until then for it.

amanda_golf2“As stated in the SciFi press release,” Mallozzi said on his blog, “Amanda will guest star on Atlantis’s fifth season - but the exact number of appearances by Colonel Carter will be wholly dependant on Amanda’s availability and the types of stories we have in the works. Still, Carter will be one of a number of familiar faces that will be popping up in the Pegasus Galaxy in season 5 - including a new commander.”

That’s right; the casting announcement on Monday is going to reveal just who the new boss is. Mallozzi continues saying “Remember way back, when I said we had considered a handful of possible candidates for the command position at the beginning of season 4? Well this person made that short list then, and we’re VERY excited about his/her/its(?) addition to our cast of regulars. As for who it is and what other little surprises we have in store…head on over to the SciFi site Monday morning and start refreshing.”

So stay tuned to find out just who it is that will be heading up the Atlantis expedition, and whatever else Sci Fi have waiting for us.

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