Del Toro Sets the Story Straight on THE HOBBIT

It was only last week that we were praising the news that Guillermo del Toro, the director behind Pan’s Labyrinth, would be directing The Hobbit. However, the master director has some words of his own that set the record straight.
Speaking to Total Film, del Toro has definitely subdued the rising emotions surrounding this pair of movies. “Well, the reality is that the Hobbit story has broken early because the negotiations have not ended and The Hobbit is not a sure thing. The reality is, I will know that it's happening when we have the final word and I am fully and officially on board,” del Toro told Total Film.

“I think what happens very often is that these rumours have a way of becoming real or not. I don't expect The Hobbit to be troublesome. But you know, then again, it may never happen... or it may!”

All of that being said the director does want the job; “I would LOVE it,” he continued. “I bought all the Tolkein books that were available in Mexico when I was 11 years old, but the one that I read at 11 years old was The Hobbit. So it left an indelible mark in my imagination.”

As for an idea of what the movies might look like if he does get his hands on them; “You know the beauty of The Hobbit, if it were to happen,” adds del Toro, “is that The Hobbit, out of all the books, is the one that resembles more a fairytale. I loved this very Hitchcockian idea of a very proper, prissy character with a very limited universe being taken on a journey where danger and pain and loss ultimately enhances his view of the world. And that to me is a very, very powerful story…”
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