STARGATE ATLANTIS’s Mallozzi Answers Fan Questions

Stargate Atlantis’s executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has provided some answers to those fans that had questions on his personal blog. We get to find out whether or not Jewel Staite is a regular, why Woolsey is commander and more.

On with the news though Jeeves! And we deliver, with Mallozzi’s blog providing us with a whole host of goodies. The biggest news to come out of this blog posting is that Jewel Staite, who I mentioned yesterday unusually ended up on the press release, will indeed be joining the regular cast. This will take the opening credits cast to six, including Jewel and Picardo (Woolsey).

Speaking of Woolsey, one reader wrote “Woolsey’s so incredible annoying…”, to which I am glad Mallozzi answered “So was Dr. Rodney McKay the first time we met him in Redemption I and II.” And this is the point, many will view this decision as annoying, but what about those few who thought that Rodney McKay would be an annoying regular cast member; are they now cringing considering his popularity?

As to how long it took to decide whether to bring Woolsey over as base commander, Mallozzi answered that “It took us approximately three seconds” to decide.

Some small notes; Michael Shanks is so far scheduled to appear in 2 episodes, though it sounds like Mallozzi is open to that being extended, and as to why John Shepphard hasn’t been made a full bird Colonel in the same time that Colonel Samantha Carter has? “…merit has a lot to do with it. Does Sheppard deserve to be made full bird Colonel? I guess you’d have to argue your case to the promotions selection committee.”

Lastly, there were rumors going around the past week regarding the possible inclusion of a character named Alison Porter. Captain Porter is described as a 28-year-old, fiery new addition to Atlantis's military contingent, will be introduced in the Season Five premiere, "Search and Rescue." Apparently she was to be introduced in a way that would suggest her character to be significant, yet not to Shepphard’s team.

A lack of casting announcement for this character in yesterday’s press release sent the internet following in to another frenzy, but Mallozzi has answered why she wasn’t mentioned in the release. “She has yet to be cast and we have yet to see how significant a role she will play in season 5.”

That’s about it from me, so make sure to catch Stargate Atlantis every Friday night on the Sci Fi channel, to ensure that it gets the ratings it deserves.

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