SUPERNATURAL Meets Horror Icon Jason Voorhees?!

Director McG has revealed that the rumor of Jason Voorhees, from the Friday the 13th series, appearing on Supernatural could become fact.
A little while ago plans surfaced that horror icon Jason Voorhees could show up on CW's TV show SUPERNATURAL but then due to legal rights of New Line the idea was axed.

Now McG who also produces SUPERNATURAL reveals that things may have been ironed out to make the crossover happen.

McG can only offer a tease to what's to come to not spoil the story; "It's a giant surprise in relation that, so you have to stay tuned for that. I can't even talk about that. That show, we go to such lengths to hold on to the mythology and be respectful of the secrets and twists and turns. And [creator Eric] Kripke has that all figured out and it's going to surprise you."
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