No Directors Are Attached to CONAN

Rumors were flying that Rob Zombie and other directors were talking with Lionsgate to direct the upcoming Conan movie, now those rumors have been offically debunked.
Last week I reported that there was a few big names attached to direct the upcoming Conan movie. Now those rumors are being called "bull" by a "high placed source" at Lionsgate. This source reports; "The bottom line here is that there isn't one. The production companies are talking to a host of directors, there is no completed script and there will be no director until they have a script done."

There has been speculation from the start that Rob Zombie himself may have planted the seed and started up the rumors. The source warned; "People like Rob Zombie are planting their own rumors trying to get the job. This is ridiculous."

It is likely though that there will be some offical news to surface later this year.
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