Gambit and Deadpool Cast in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

Reports from several reputable sources say Ryan Reynolds of Blade: Trinity will be playing Deadpool, and just today the news broke that Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch will be playing the card throwing Cajun, Gambit.

The IESB has been able to confirm with studio sources that Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch will be playing Remy LeBeau.

Gambit first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #255 back in 1990 and has been particularly popular among fans due in no small part to his prominence in the 90's X-Men animated series. Hailing from New Orleans, Gambit has the ability to control kinetic energy, "charging" objects to the point of instability. He can turn just about anything into an explosive device and his weapon of choice is a deck of playing cards that he throws like bombs.

Yesterday, Ain't It Cool News reported:

Sounds to me like Marvel is going to pack this one with all sorts of geeky Easter eggs if all of these rumors are true. The Blob would be a lot of fun to see in one of these, and there’s another cameo, one that we can officially confirm now, that sounds to me like a set-up for a possible spin-off.

Anyone up for a little DEADPOOL? CHUD.COM reported at the start of December that the character would show up in the film.

Well, today we can exclusively ask you... how about if Ryan Reynolds is playing him?

This one’s supposed to be a secret, but cat’s out of the bag now, Marvel. And I have to say... I think it sounds like fun. I know this has been a character you guys have been developing for years now (hell, I think I pitched a DEADPOOL film back in 2001), and Reynolds is absolutely the right guy for the job.

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