DEATH RACE with Jason Statham Honors Original

Jason Statham is sitting behind the wheel in Death Race, and he's calling this remake an homage to the cult classic of 1975.
In a recent interview with SCI FI Wire Statham delivers on what makes his new film Death Race different from the original, Death Race 2000.

"It's fantastic fun," Statham said in an interview while promoting his latest film, The Bank Job. "It's more of a homage to the Corman film. It's not really a direct remake. I suppose it's very different. There's a great story to it, and I think it'll do really well. [Director] Paul Anderson was a dream to work with, and I'm really excited about seeing it."

"It's [got] a big budget," Statham said about the film. "It's a great, great fun film. I'm working with people of immense caliber. I've got Joan Allen there, who I'm doing scenes with. I've got Ian McShane. To be able to work with people like that, it just gets better and better."

The story in this updated version follows Statham in the future where he's a prisoner about to be released from jail when his warden, played by Joan Allen forces him to enter the this brutal car race.

"The cars in this are really killer," Statham said. "They've got ejector seats, and they spray out oil and napalm, and they've got rocket launchers. The story is it's a race to the death, and all the inmates in the prison build these cars."

You can buckle down and catch the film later this year when it opens on September 26.
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