James Cameron’s AVATAR Acquires Some Artwork

James Cameron has been out of the spotlight for some time now, working away slowly at what is expected to be his opus: Avatar. Now, thanks to Italian site Bad Taste, we’ve got some artwork to go with the movie.
That is what we’ve known up until now, however with the artwork for the movie (see below) we also get this official (presumably) plot synopsis; “The story of an injured ex-marine who finds himself involved (against his will) into men colonizing an alien planet. Finally, he chooses to change his battle array, leading the alien race in a battle for life.”


Avatar is definitely one of the most anticipated films currently in production, if not the most. The budget for the movie is coming in at just under $200 million. The wait for the movie comes as a result of reasoning very similar to why George Lucas waited all these years to create his prequels; Cameron wanted the technology to be ready for his movie.

The film is shaping up to be a marvel of modern filmmaking, with 3-D projectors preferred in cinemas and a new way of directing motion capture scenes. If you’ve seen the behind the scenes DVD’s for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you may remember seeing Peter Jackson jump on to the motion capture floor and shoot motion capture footage as if it was live footage.

This technology is thanks to James Cameron, who has been working heavily with motion capture for Avatar. He allowed Peter Jackson, George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg the opportunity to look at what he had been doing.

For more information, check out the Wikipedia article for the movie here, but make sure to keep your eyes on Earth’s Mightiest, because we’ll have the news the moment it’s anywhere.
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