THE LAST STARFIGHTER Sequel - The Son of the Last Starfight?

The Last Starfighter came out in 1984, and now a rumor has surfaced that a sequel is going into production with original director Nick Castle, writer Jonathan Betuel and the Starfighter himself, Lance Guest.
The Last Starfighter followed a young guy, Alex, who was recruited for a space war to save the galaxay all because of his awesome video game skills.

Now got a scoop from a fellow calling himself ZondoDon that a sequel is really going into production with shooting to begin next month. He adds: “It involves original director Nick Castle, writer Jonathan Betuel and actor Lance Guest. It's your basic Son of the Starfighter storyline and actually sounds pretty cool.”

It was also reported that the sequel is on the production schedule for a company called George Paige and Associates, and listed as being distributed by Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures.

So things are still to be considered in the rumor phase but it's exciting to hear the rummblings when it comes to a classic 80's film like this one.
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