More Clone Wars Details Emerge From Lucas

Making a recent appearance at Cartoon Network’s upfront presentation, George Lucas gave us some more information on the upcoming cartoon series, Star Wars: Clone Wars.
Thanks to Alex Weprin from Broadcasting Cable for filling us in on the appearance, which was held for advertisers and media buyers this past Thursday morning. Apparently, Lucas entered the room in typical arrogant Lucas fashion, flanked by four storm troopers. He then proceeded to fill in some questions long in the asking.

On the art style of the show

“We really just wanted a different take on the animation, a little bit of anime, a little bit of feature animation.”

“At the same time, when it came to Star Wars, and the look and feel of it, I did want to do something that was a little more in the realm of anime design-wise than what is now currently in television and movies, outside of Japan. I wanted to give it a look and feel of something that is so compact. We picked the Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds to be our inspiration, and you will see it has a very stylized look. I didn’t want it to look like Beowulf, which we could have done, I didn’t want it to look like The Incredibles, when you are doing animation, you have a cast of characters and everyone knows what they look like, you really do have to come up with a very sophisticated and dynamic caricature of those characters.”

“Well, in order to do [the show], one of the things I was able to do was to build a whole new studio in Singapore, and set it up… they really helped us reach our animation ambitions.”

On working in television:

“It’s great. I have always loved television; I loved doing the Indiana Jones Chronicles. It’s a much freer form than doing a feature film. [In film] it takes you a long, long time to do it, and it all comes out on one weekend, in terms of growth. Television, oddly enough, has a longer life, it’s repeated and repeated, and at the same time you are producing it without having to put the same amount of focus on it. It’s much more like the old fashioned studio system, where you create ideas and you execute them-- and there are a lot of ideas. If you make a few mistakes or something, the end of the world isn’t going to happen, you can get away with it and no one notices, because of the nature of the fact that it comes out every week, and it moves so fast. It just gives you more creative freedom, to take chances you don’t have in features.”

There is more of the interview at Brodcasting Cable, just follow the source link below, but for now, that’ll keep my interest in this satisfied until the film debuts in August… or at least, for a few more months… weeks…
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