Stargate Universe Revealed

I mentioned just the other day that a third Stargate series was in the works, and today, the news is here!
Debuting on TV in 1997, picking up where the 1994 movie left off, Stargate SG-1 soon became a household name. After ten seasons it was finally brought to a close, but not without spawning a spin-off series and two direct-to-DVD movies (the second will be released 29 July 2008).

Stargate Atlantis has similarly gained its share of popularity, becoming one of the Sci Fi channels biggest hits.

But Stargate Atlantis co-creator Brad Wright has revealed exclusively to GateWorld (again with the GateWorld) news of the third installment in the Stargate universe, remarkably called, Stargate Universe.

"The idea of Stargate Universe is that it is set on a ship that was part of an Ancient experiment that was set in motion probably millions of years ago -- one that they never saw to fruition, but that we can,"
Wright said. "They got busy with the whole ascension thing."

The experiment is "to send a ship across the universe, and to send one ahead of it to seed the galaxies with Stargates, and that they would one day use the ninth chevron to get there [to the ship]. And that's what Stargate Universe is."

Universe is taking a long time in conception thanks to both the writers’ strike, and the continuing Stargate Atlantis. It looks as if Wright and co-creator Robert C. Cooper don’t want to go ahead with another full time series while Atlantis is still there. However that may change, if their prospective dreams of more direct-to-DVD movies are quashed.

For more information on the new revelations head along to GateWorld via the source link below. Either way, I am oh so very stoked right now! This sounds like a fantastic concept, and one that I am going to really enjoy.
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