Hollywood Hacks Hurt the Hulk?

E-online reports that the Hulk screening didn't go well
He's Mean, Green...and Slow? I hear execs at Universal are turning green this week after a not so incredible screening of Hulk. The studio's top brass was practically speechless. Apparently, director Ang Lee has turned in a melodramatic take on the comic book with an emphasis on drama--as in, really long and boring. Uh-oh. The suits concerns are way beyond the fanboy fears that the CGI big guy will look cheesy.

Still, isn't this what Lee promised from the get-go? He has always said Hulk would be an examination of our repressed selves and the release of unchecked rage--an emotion Bruce Banner expresses by turning into a 15-foot mighty green giant. I always expected the story to be a psychological journey--it's about the Hulk inside all of us. Still, one exec says, "It's like he combined The Ice Storm with Shrek." Yikes. Regardless, I can't wait.
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