Star Wars Official Trailer Online

While it has subtitled and isn’t being shown at the official Star Wars website, the official trailer for Star Wars: Clone Wars is on the internet and freaking amazing!
I have never been as excited for something as I am for this movie/TV series to emerge. And while that may be overstating things a little (you should see me around the time of a favorite book launch), this trailer for Clone Wars is breathtaking.

I’m a Star Wars nut, yeah, but still, even if you aren’t as obsessive as I am, you will have to agree that this is shaping up to be a project that is worth our time.

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One thing that did upset me at the very beginning of hearing about Clone Wars was that the original voices wouldn’t be returning. However, now that I’ve had some time to think about it, apart from Obi-Wan, ie, Ewan McGregor, I couldn’t care less. Everyone can pull off a good Yoda impersonation with a bit of thought, R2-D2 is the same everywhere; so, bring it on, I say!
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