Teresa Palmer Cast in TRANSFORMERS 2

She already was easy on the eyes. Now Australian thespian Teresa Palmer will be more than meets the eyes.
Teresa Palmer may be a wonder woman, after all.

Queensland, Australia, newspaper The Courier-Mail reported yesterday that the awesome Aussie (Grudge 2, December Boys) has landed a role in the live-action Transformers 2.

While no official U.S. press release has been issued, The Courier-Mail appears confident enough, and CLINT MORRIS at Moviehole "confirmed" the casting today.

"Tez" (as Morris calls her) had for months been connected to Warner's George Miller-directed Justice League of America movie, in which she was rumored to play Wonder Woman. It later was revealed that she had been cast as Batman nemesis/lover Talia al Ghul. Palmer moved back to her native Australia in late '07, as the superhero flick was planned to shoot there. Then, following innumerable backs-and-forths, JLA shut down, seemingly for good. So, the blonde bombshell, recently named one of Australia's 30 "Stars of Tomorrow" in Screen International magazine, returned to the states and snagged a small role in the new Adam Sandler comedy Bedtime Stories (right), which currently is in post-production and slated for a Christmas Day release.

Tez's casting in the Transformers sequel follows a Down Under theme for director Michael Bay: Tasmanian transplant Rachael Taylor appeared in the first robot-centric feature.

"Question is, which character would Teresa Palmer fit?" asked The IESB's STEPHANIE SANCHEZ. "A look back at the casting sheet for the film, that IESB exclusively had, it's quite possible she could be playing Sam's (Shia LaBeouf) ex-girlfriend--late teens to early 20s, cute and cerebral--a total arty girl that leads her own punk band... That's pretty much the only one that would make sense."

We'll see.

[Thanks to CHESSPIECEFACE at The Allspark.]
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