Terminator to return with PG Rating

One of greatest franchises in cinematic history will be returning to the screens next year, but this time the Terminator will be sporting a softer PG-13 rating.
The internet has exploded in a mass of upset fanboys and girls, bemoaning the fact that the previously ‘R’ rated movies newest sibling – Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins – will only be rated PG-13. Now, normally one would suggest of an R rated movie that expanding its horizons to earn more money to be a good idea, but considering that the first three films have grossed more than $1.03 billion worldwide, I’m not quite sure what the thinking is here.

OK, color me naïve, of course we know the reason; they want more money.

And they expect to do it without compromising “the series’ gritty vision,” according to Halcyon producers. "The ratings have changed," said Halcyon co-founder and co-CEO Victor Kubicek, a broker-turned-writer-producer. "The PG-13 has increased in intensity." (side-note: broker-turned-writer-producer just fills you with confidence doesn’t it)

Editors Note - For those not lucky enough to live in the blessed United States, the ‘R’ rating isn’t the adults-only that it is elsewhere.
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