Shazam! - Rumored Role for "The Rock"

A new comic book movie casting rumor has been reported over at CHUD. New Line Cinema's adaptation of Captain Marvel of DC Comics, otherwise known as Shazam may be none other than The Rock! Can ya smell it?
A scooper who I shall hereby name Peppermint Patty has sent us a tidbit about Warner Bros further attempting to [frick] up a potential superhero franchise with piss poor casting. The scooper tells us that there has been an increase in interest in the Warners halls of power in regards to a possible SHAZAM! movie, including talk about a script and a possible star. In this case the star they are looking at is wrestling superstar The Rock, who couldn't be more wrong for this part.

In case you aren't familiar with the SHAZAM! (Captain Marvel) mythos, our hero is Billy Batson, a 12 year old paperboy who shouts the word "Shazam" to become the heavily muscled adult superhero Captain Marvel. The thing about Marvel is that he retains Batson's 12 year old mind, and so is naïve, innocent and goodnatured. It's hard to imagine The Rock as anything other than cocky, snotty and wooden. He would make for a decent Black Adam, Captain Marvel's centuries old foe, who looks pretty much just like him but with pointy ears and a black costume.

Of course this is only a rumor at this point, and even if it's true that these talks are going on at the studio, our scooper tells us that the execs are worried about stealing the thunder from the ever in development Superman film, worried that the two characters are too alike. There's some truth to that as, back in the prehistory of superhero comics, DC sued the shit out of Captain Marvel publisher Fawcett comics for infringing on their Superman trademarks with the character.
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