Catwoman Plot Details

IGN FilmForce has learned that Showfax, a Los Angeles-based site that posts script pages and sides for actors to use in upcoming auditions, has published six pages from the June 16, 2003 draft of Catwoman.
Catwoman Plot Details
New script pages now online!

June 23, 2003 - IGN FilmForce has seen six pages from the June 16, 2003 draft of Catwoman. While we're uncertain which screenwriter penned the draft in question, if FilmJerk's recent report is accurate, then we can assume they were written by Ed Solomon. Previous Catwoman scribes include Daniel Waters, Theresa Rebeck, Kate Kondell and John Rogers.

The team of Mike Ferris and John Brancato (Terminator 3) were hired this past spring to revise Rogers' draft.

The pages we;ve seen include two scenes to be used by actors auditioning for the male lead of Nick, a cop who falls for Catwoman's alter ego, Patience Price (Halle Berry). Nick, as these pages point out, had been named "Tom Lone" in prior drafts of the screenplay. Owen Wilson was a rumored contender for that role.

Previous drafts of Catwoman centered on orphaned veterinary scientist Patience Price's vendetta against industrialist Simon Church, the man whose corporate assassins "killed" her. Lake City detective Tom Lone was the point man in the police's Catwoman investigation. What Lone didn't realize, though, was that his prey also happened to be his mousy next door neighbor and prospective girlfriend, Patience Price.

Consider this a SPOILER WARNING before you go on!!!

In this June 16th draft, Patience Price works at Avenal Beauty (in what capacity we don't know). She volunteers every Tuesday at a community center. Nick reveals to the shy, awkward Patience that he's only at the center because of some trouble he got into at the police department. Nick fell for someone he was supposed to be arresting and now he's been busted down to a desk detail. We also learn that Patience has a fear of water (blame it on her inner feline?).

In the second scene (pages 46-48), we learn about an earlier scene (Plot Point One?) that we can assume was Catwoman's first public appearance/"attack." There is a brief examination room scene where it's revealed that whatever caused Patience's transformation into Catwoman (perhaps a Batman Returns-style rebirth?) has also endowed her with amazing reflexes and acutely sensitive eyesight (but no real health problems).

In the following scene, Patience is at the police station where she is approached by Nick. We learn about an attack at Avenal Beauty (Patience's employer) the previous night. An "intruder" (thought to have been male by everyone save Nick so it must have been Catwoman) broke into Avenal and "freed a bunch of animals" (used for lab testing?). A scientist working there was also shot and killed.

Since I highly doubt that Catwoman would kill somebody, perhaps someone else pulled the trigger and Catwoman will be wrongly accused for it.

Catwoman reportedly begins filming September 10 for a fall 2004 release. Pitof directs for producer Denise DiNovi.
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