Rogen’s Green Hornet Begins

It may not be a franchise everyone is familiar with, but for those of us of a certain age, and children of a certain breed of parent, The Green Hornet project under Seth Rogen’s eager hands is going to be a big project to keep our eyes on.
The man who wrote and produced Superbad last month announced that he would be writing, producing and starring in the latest adaptation of the original 1930’s radio program. The Green Hornet is a masked crime fighter, publishing and writing a newspaper by day, scouring the city at night with his Asian manservant, Kato, and driving Black Beauty.

The Green Hornet has been a perpetual hit over the decades, being made in to film serials in the 40’s, a TV series in the 60’s, not to mention a variety of comic books over the last 70 years.

Set to appear in cinemas on June 25, 2010, Sony Entertainment has put up a filler page with what presumable is the logo. Head along to sign up for updates, or just stay tuned to Earth’s Mightiest.
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