Daredevil Director will NOT write Elektra Spin-off

Scooper "Ghost Rider" over at Dark Horizons says that Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson will not be involved with writing the Elektra spin-off movie.
Ghost Rider: 'Patrick' had an interview by telephone with "Daredevil" director Mark Steven Johnson today about the upcoming DVD and his other projects. It was on "Ghost Rider" though where he had a few interesting things to say: "He's a big fan of the comic and thinks the premise lends itself to some really epic stuff. It's the classic battle between good and evil and he thinks the time is ripe for a Ghost Rider movie. He knows that there has been talk about a Ghost Rider movie for many years, but he thinks that only now it is technically possible to use the digital effects that will do the material justice. However, even though the movie will be big on action, the main focus will be on the love story between the main characters. He is halfway through writing the script". Johnson also revealed he will not be involved with writing the "Elektra" spin-off movie, since he is too busy with "Ghost Rider", but he will be active as a producer in any case.

Thanks also to 'Red Leather Looks Fab'.
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