McG Updates The Faithful on TERMINATOR SALVATION

The director of the fourth Terminator feature provides a progress report at the official site.
McG has posted a brief update on his latest film, Terminator Salvation, the 4th in the series and the first chapter of a new trilogy that is set in the future, after "Judgment Day," as seen in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

In his posting, McG (Charlie's Angels) states that the new movie, which is halfway through principal photography, is "inspired by the first films, but is a true new beginning..."

As part of his effort to show visually that Salvation is a departure from its forebears, the director is "shooting the film on color stock but...using a method inspired by the [Wizard of Oz] process which was developed at Technicolor by Mike Zacharia and Bob Olson. Basically we are adding three times as much silver. It creates a surreal texture that is in keeping with the notion of the entire picture--feeling detached from the world we know today."

Despite that, he promises that stars Christian Bale and Sam Worthington are helping him ensure that story and character come before action and visual effects in this installment, which he describes as "a large scale [film] with the nuance and subtext of a high quality independent picture." It is "a Prometheus tale" that dramatizes the consequences creating (artificial) life but then leaving it unchecked.

"I made a point of hiring key personnel that are passionate about getting this right," the director writes of his crew. "Everyone is well versed in the mythology."

McG will be at the San Diego Comic-Con the weekend of July 25-27, "sharing the film with the passionate."

[Thanks to CanMag's RYAN PARSONS for the link. Header image from Slashfilm.]
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