Captain America Movie Possibly a Pit Project?

Superhero Hype warns that this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, but one of their more reliable scoopers has reported shocking news garnered from a UK mag. Can you believe a modernized Captain America movie with that Brad Pitt!
Brad Pitt Up for Captain America?
Saturday, June 28, 2003 7:14 CDT

Take the following with a big grain of salt, but here's scooper 'Got' with another rumor...

This is taken from a very reliable magazine in the UK called SFX.

Captain America is set to join Spider-Man, Hulk and the X-men in the frontline of Marvel Comics' conquest of the big screen. And guess what? Brad Pitt may be the man behind the mask...

The inside word on the ultra-secret project is that a big name producer is poised to bring the star-spangled warrior to the screen. Pitt has expressed a 3-picture deal, establishing a new superheroic franchise. The trilogy would be loosely based on Mark Millar and Brian Hitch's acclaimed comic book The Ultimates, which successfully retooled the character for modern audience.

Production will begin as soon as a lingering lawsuit with Captain America co-creator Joe Simon has been settled. A similar legal quagmire bedevilled a certain web-slinger, but the team behind the movie are confident that it can soon be sorted and the film fast-tracked to the screen.

"The same problems held up the Spider-Man movie for some time," says an insider on the project, "but the producers feel that the new wave of patriotism in the country could push Cap through the roof right now. However it's worth pointing out that this isn't going to be some cheesy, gung-ho pic. It's going to be pretty gritty, real-war kind of stuff and Captain America is going to be America's most deadly secret weapon..."
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