Batman Triumphant: Christian Bale Flies Free

Dark Knight Christian Bale won't face charges of assault brought by his mother and sister in late July.
Batman won't be going to jail after all.

England's Crown Prosecution Service announced on Thursday (14 Aug) that there was insufficient evidence to afford a "realistic prospect" of convicting Christian Bale, and ordered the police not to take any further action regarding the assault allegations of Bale's mother and sister.

According to British media, Bale's mother Jenny and sister Sharon had told police he assaulted them at the Dorchester Hotel on July 20th, the day before he attended the European premiere, in London's Leicester Square, of the box office dominator The Dark Knight, in which he plays the title character. The Sun tabloid reported that Scotland Yard allowed the Welsh-born actor to visit Belgravia police station the next day. He was arrested and questioned for several hours before being released on, uh, bail.

The 34-year-old actor repeatedly has refused to comment beyond a statement, released by his lawyers, denying the accusation.

Prosecutors said the feelings of Bale's mother and sister played a part in the decision not to pursue the case further.

While the Crown Prosecution Service "treats all incidents which take place in a domestic context seriously," they said, "it is important that the views of complainants are also taken into account when making decisions in such cases."

Bale's family also has declined comment, except to say the issue was a personal matter.
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