Bell On Elle In HEROES Third Season

Kristen Bell's supercharged character will be undergoing plenty of development this season--and she may have previously unknown connections to the other Heroes.
The scribes of NBC's Heroes will be revealing the "human side" of electrically-powered vixen Elle Bishop this season, petite blonde fan-fave Kristen Bell told SCI FI Wire's KURT ANTHONY KRUG recently.

"She's this vaguely barbaric, unfeeling, antisocial adaptive killer who's coy," Bell said. "However, she's had some tough decisions to make [over the years, and the writers are] giving her more depth."

Daughter of "Company" head Robert Bishop (Stephen Tobolowsky), the enigmatic Elle uses her internally-generated electricity to track and sedate other people with powers. A mental imbalance, caused in part by years of seclusion, helps make her unpredictable.

Bell, reprising the character for 13 more episodes this season after introducing her in Volume Two, revealed that flashback scenes will show that Elle actually met the other series characters long before previously believed.

According to creator Tim Kring, Bell "is integral and plays a very large part in the entire volume. You'll see plenty of Kristen."

No stranger to genre fare and cult stardom, having co-starred in the film Fanboys after playing the title role on the TV show Veronica Mars and soon to voice a major character in the animated feature Astro Boy, Bell said she thinks Heroes appeals to people who "enjoy being challenged rather than [sitting] in front of the TV semi-sedated. It keeps you guessing. It's highly dramatic and fiercely unrealistic, yet presented in a way you can believe. It grabs your attention and won't let go."

Heroes Season Three premieres Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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