Tim Kring Is Ready To Answer Questions On HEROES

Heroes will provide solutions to many of the questions it has raised over two seasons...but the answers will just lead to new questions.
Heroes creator Tim Kring told SCI FI Wire's FRED TOPEL that he's not afraid to answer a lot of mythology questions in the imminent third season.

"We've always had kind of a weird philosophy on the show that no question was so precious that we couldn't answer it, because there's always more questions to answer," Kring said. "One of the things we really tried to do in this volume is to take all the core questions of the show, the basic questions that we started off with--Who am I? What's happening to me? How am I connected? Where did these powers come from? We take every single one of these major questions and turn them on their head in this particular volume. Each one of those gets answered in new ways."

The first hour of the two-part third-season premiere answers an astonishing number of questions, but Kring promised that Heroes will maintain that breathless pace, in part by breaking up Season 3 into shorter chapters, or "volumes," as was intended for Season 2 before the WGA Strike brought it to a premature close.

Volume 3, entitled "Villains," is 13 episodes long, said Kring. "Because we know we are going to contain the entire story in 13 episodes, we're able to cram a lot into each episode."

NBC kicks off the third season of Heroes on September 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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