Fantasic Four Filming in Canada?

An unnamed source has reported to Coming Attractions that the production company working on 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four is scouting locations for filming in either Toronto or Vancouver, Canada.
A source has told us that the production company working on 20th Century Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR movie is looking at filming the production in Canada, with their focus being centered on either Toronto or Vancouver. For the moment it appears that Toronto has the edge as all of the large studio space in Vancouver is booked for large productions (CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, PAYCHECK, I, ROBOT). Even with the Canadian dollar rising against the American greenback, Hollywood productions add an additional 30 cents on every dollar they spend in Canada, plus there are additional tax incentives to film in the land of hockey pucks and maple syrup.

Our source also told us that, at least behind the production's closed doors, the studio is now looking at a December 2004 release and not November.

We've known our insider for many years and they've told us much inside news before it's common knowledge.
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